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What is ISAI:

isai is all about client service and real solutions. In Japanese, isai means “genius”, and that is what we strive to be… genius in solutions, genius in putting products together to match your requirements, but more importantly, genius in providing our customers with the support and service they deserve…as the bare minimum.
We don’t just dream up products and put a profile together on it and try flog it to the first client we think might be foolish enough to sign up – we listen to our clients, and establish what problems they face, and design a solution to overcome those problems.
No matter the challenge our clients face, we will be right there with them, ready to take it on with them.
Our dedication even lies in that we call those we serve our clients, a term that is generally reserved for people that receive a service. In the IT industry they refer to these people as customers because the buy products – not with isai. At isai we only have clients, because whether you buy a product or not, the service comes with it… thus, you are our client, and a client to stay.

We pride ourselves in making sure we have the richest skill-set available, to make sure we deliver on our promise for “Ingenious Solutions”.  Our skills are not on IT related, but also business related, and that is what makes it possible for us to design and implement solutions that make you business run at the most efficient and stable level.


Finding the right vendor or supplier could be a very time consuming task, especially while you are trying to run your business. At ISAI, we have tried to put together the most trusted resource for business vendors and business service providers available on the Internet. We do this by finding them, and researching them extensively.

Web Design:

Let us design:
• External Websites
• Internal Websites and your Intranet
• Customer Portals and Client Zones
• Managed FAQ pages
• Managed Article submission
• Complete Search Engine Optimisation and website exposure strategy
• Content Management Systems(CMS).

Internet Access:

At isai we are proud to be able to offer more internet access options than most other Internet Service Providers. Not only do you have the choice from a range of Internet access options for your primary connection requirements as well as secondary and backup connections.

IT Support:

We realise how important IT Support is to your business. We realise that what may seem like minutes of downtime to someone else, may feel like hours to you. We realise that what seems like a small problem to others, might mean the make or break of a deal, or a relationship with one of your clients.